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Kaitlyn's future's One SMALL Step, Grande Prairie Page

Our sweet Kaitlyn was diagnosed at 8 weeks of age with a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome ( PWS).  Kaitlyn will face many challenges in her life including physical restrictions from low muscle tone , speech and cognitive delays and an insatiable hunger that needs constant supervision or can lead to excessive eating and life – threatening obesity. Research has paved the way for many exciting treatments to help Kaitlyn but we have only scratched the surface

Kaitlyn works hard every day to do the things we do naturally.  She tries so hard to talk, write and do basic skills a grade five student needs to do but with her fine motor issues and apraxia of speech she continually runs into walls.  We believe that with more focused research,  answers can be found which will allow Kaitlyn and other children with PWS to become and do all that they can.  
HELP US HELP THEM. Please sponsor our family today by clicking on “ Donate Now”.  Join our mission and help us to raise money to reduce the challenges Kaitlyn faces.  Thanks for choosing to believe that we can make a difference; we will be one step closer because of you.


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Kaitlyn's future's One SMALL Step, Grande Prairie Page