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My daughter, Delilah, is an amazing, beautiful, almost three year old. She is full of life. Her smile can illuminate a room. She is always eager to meet new people. Little girl has never met a stranger. She also has quite the independent streak. She knows what she wants and tries to do everything herself. She looks and acts like a typical, almost three year old. She is not typical. Delilah has Prader-Willi Syndrome. 
One day (possibly soon), my wonderful little girl will suffer from insatiable hunger. She will be hungry. All. The. Time. Can you imagine? Just think about that time you missed lunch and your stomach cried out for food. That feeling will be constant (and likely worse) for my little girl. She will need to be on a strict diet (nearly half the calories of a normal metabolism). Food will need to be under lock and key. She will need constant supervision to protect her from over eating, which can lead to morbid obesity and death. She may also face behavioral issues, learning disbilities, and a host of other medical issues. 
At this time, there is no cure for PWS. To find a cure, we need research. To do more research, we need donations. 
Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to host a One SMALL Step Walk in Birmingham, AL. Along with some other amazing families, we were able to raise over $6000. I had hoped to host again this year, but it just didn't work out. However, I still want to help such a wonderful cause. Please help us raise the much needed research funds. I dream of a cure in Delilah's lifetime. Help us by donating today! Whether it be $1, $5, $20 or more, every dollar counts! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
All proceeds from the One SMALL Step walks go to fund the Prader-Willi Syndrome Research Plan jointly created by FPWR and PWSAUSA. Learn more about PWS and this event at http://www.fpwr.org/. Please join me and donate now!


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Delilah's Virtual Walk Page