Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Can I donate with my credit card?

Yes! Donations can be made securely on our One SMALL Step website. Click donate to get started!

Can I donate by check?

Yes! We love checks! Please make sure all checks are written out to the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research or FPWR and make sure the date is written correctly. Sadly, we cannot deposit stale or post-dated checks. You can download a donation form to submit along with your check by visiting the fundraiser’s page that you wish to donate towards. The download is located below the green Donate Now button.

I mailed in a check, how can I make sure a check was added to my personal page?

When checks are received at FPWR, we make our best effort to ensure they are added to the correct personal page. Please include a completed donation form along with your check to ensure we know the name of your page and the event you are participating in.

To check if a donation has been received, log in to your account and view your donations. When a check donation has been received, it will be noted on your list of donations.

How do I get a FREE t-shirt?

As a token of our gratitude for your fundraising efforts, fundraisers who raise or donate $40 or more and attend an event will receive a free t-shirt. T-shirts will be available at our events on a first come first served basis so be sure to arrive early to get your preferred size! In order to keep your donation funding what matters most, research, we do not ship shirts to individuals.

There is not an event near me, how can I participate?

That is a GREAT question! There are many ways you can take One SMALL Step. If you cannot make one of events, you can participate “virtually” by registering for any event and creating a fundraising page.

No event near you but you REALLY want to attend an event? How about hosting a walk in your community? Hosting an event can be as simple as planning a picnic. Choose a date and location, invite your family and friends and WALK!

Have a question we have not addressed here?

Please send your question to and one of our amazing One SMALL Step experts will contact you!

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More Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to volunteer at an event? Simply contact an event host at an event of your choice to see how you can make a difference. Find an Event