Where the Funds Go

Funds from One SMALL Step walks are utilized by the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR) to support investigator initiated grants, PWS clinical trials, resource sharing grants, and the Global PWS Registry. 

FPWR is a non profit organization dedicated to fostering and supporting research that will advance the understanding and treatment of PWS. Our mission is to eliminate the challenges of PWS, through the advancement of research.

To date, FPWR has funded more than 125 PWS research projects from leading scientists and research laboratories around the world with topics covering:

  • genetics and pathophysiology of PWS
  • development of mouse models of PWS
  • hunger, obesity, and reward circuits of the brain
  • development of new therapies for PWS
  • understanding sleep disturbances in PWS
  • improving academic and learning skills for children with PWS

To learn more about the research we are supporting with your fundraising efforts, go to fpwr.org.

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Where The Funds Go